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Friedrich Schwandt

Friedrich Schwandt

Friedrich Schwandt


Based on many years of experience as founder and CEO at Statista, Friedrich Schwandt, together with his business partner Hubert Jakob, founded ECDB on January 1, 2022, a company specializing in eCommerce data analysis, which was created from our wealth of experience in data analysis. ECDB quickly became a trusted source for companies operating in the dynamic world of online commerce.

It has always been apparent to Friedrich that sales are crucial to a company's success. In line with the motto: "Sales is everything. And without sales, everything is nothing." Friedrich Schwandt has placed a strong focus on sales processes and the implementation of global solutions for an international sales strategy since the early days of ECDB.

This has enabled the company to quickly maximize its reach and build an international customer base through his leadership. As a result, ECDB has grown to over 350 customers, including well-known companies and industry leaders such as Amazon, Google and DHL.

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