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Gerald Zankl

Gerald Zankl

Gerald Zankl


Gerald Zankl is co-founder and CEO of Kickscale, an Austrian SaaS startup pioneering sales with artificial intelligence. Prior to Kickscale from 2014-2021, Zankl spent seven years in senior positions at streaming technology provider Bitmovin, with offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Klagenfurt, and Vienna. He joined Bitmovin as the first marketing and sales employee.

Together with the Bitmovin co-founders and very early employees, he built the first sales and marketing team. Zankl was part of Bitmovin's global expansion from zero to over 20 million euros in revenue.

Zankl describes himself as a veteran in the field of B2B sales, sales development, and sales leadership while helping tech startups dramatically grow their business and increase their revenue.

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