24th & 25th April 2024 in Hamburg

Speaker: Robin Engelbrecht

Robin Engelbrecht

Robin Engelbrecht

Telefónica Business Sales

Robin Engelbrecht is responsible for B2B Sales in the Northern Region of Germany at Telefonica Business Sales. Besides being responsible for his own sales team, Robin is also responsible for building and scaling the sales organization, which has grown from 0 to now 40 employees during the past 18 months. Robin is an experienced Sales Manager, who has learned his trade in the telco industry from the very beginning. From classic sales in the area of hunting and farming, complex solutions about to strategic tasks within different sales organizations, he has been able to bring many projects to a successful story in long term. Robin also hosts the Sales Circle Podcast, which is all about sales and entrepreneurship. The aim of this Podcast is to show different facets of sales by inviting experts from different areas and branches.

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